Enviro Pallets's production of new pallets is made easy and economically with our new Viking Turbo 505 pallet manufacturing machine. With production capabilities of up to 2000 pallets per shift (depending on specifications of the pallet), the Viking Turbo 505 is the go-to tandem nailer in the pallet manufacturing industry.

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We at Enviro Pallets agree with the pallet-hire companies in that we see pallet-pooling as an environmentally-friendly model.

However we do differ in one significant way!

At Enviro Pallets we believe if you have been using hire pallets you are able to run your own pallet pooling system without the exorbitant cost of approximately $4.00 per month per pallet ($8,000.00 for 2000 pallets).

Enviro Pallets can provide a pallet for your racking system for as little as $13.00 to $18.00 each plus GST, depending on your requirements (weight of load, etc.). Your pallets would have your name stencilled on them - not the name of the pallet provider - thus, enabling you to advertise your own company rather than someone else's company.

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