Enviro Pallets provides high quality pallets, crates,
boxes and other containers to its customers.

Enviro Pallets also provides the products and expertise for companies that wish to control their own pallet-pooling system and in doing so, eliminating the need to pay pallet-hire companies large sums of money to do this for them.

Enviro Pallets offers outstanding environmentally-friendly logistic solutions to assist in reducing our customers' carbon footprint.

Enviro Pallets is committed to purchasing supplies locally and therefore helping Australia grow. Enviro Pallets only purchases timber from renewable sources, such as plantations. Enviro Pallets is committed to a "no harm" policy for our employees. Enviro Pallets continually provides training courses in regard to OH&S, logistics management, etc.

Our company is not focussed on overseas operations as are the pallet-hire companies. We are committed to Australia – we are not a multi-national company with allegiances to other countries. Enviro Pallets is committed to providing the best possible service to our clients at the best possible price.

Enviro Pallets considers that helping our customers to maintain healthy levels of profit – helps the customer – helps the customer's employees – helps us at Enviro Pallets and ultimately helps Australia to keep our people employed.

With Enviro Pallets you can be assured the price you pay is fair and any profits made are being invested back into Australia.