Viking Turbo 505

Enviro Pallets's production of new pallets is made easy and economically with our new Viking Turbo 505 pallet manufacturing machine. With production capabilities of up to 2000 pallets per shift (depending on specifications of the pallet), the Viking Turbo 505 is the go-to tandem nailer in the pallet manufacturing industry.

The 505 is engineered to provide high output, low maintenance, and quick changeovers with fast mechanical systems (FMS), while only requiring two to three operators.

Powered by the Turbo Pro Plus Data software, machine operators can monitor real-time information to make better decisions that improve quality production.

The Viking Turbo 505 offers:

  • A 2-3 operator machine (depending on material layout)
  • The capability of producing upwards of 2000 pallets/shift with only 2-3 operators
  • A new 12" colour screen with multiple system language options for maximum flexibility
  • Turbo Pro Plus system software + DATA:
    • All the functions are easily controlled from a laptop
    • Allows us to design and store hundreds of pallet configurations
    • Allows us to see a diagram of the pallet your designing, no more guess work
    • Monitor machine uptime/downtime and manage production data by shift
    • Multiple Turbos can be connected using different IP addresses and accessed from one location
    • Difficult pallets are made easier with simple adjustments and stored in our laptop
  • 72" maximum and 28" minimum pallet length
  • 60" maximum and 28" minimum pallet width
  • 3.0" maximum and 1.5" minimum nail length
  • Nail-up sensor standard